10 Reasons to Marry Mr R


Our wedding is in 3 weeks’ time and as much as we’re really happy about it
Mr R said it before I could: “Many girls will be upset!”


I can’t imagine how many men will cringe and fall out of the line like smoked-dead cockroaches
& YES! I’m Taken!


This man gives me a brand new reason every day to marry him no I’m not pregnant

How many men can do that? even after you attempt to push him off a cliff? =p
Apart from the given qualities like intelligence & wit (I have a very known allergy to stupidity and there’s absolutely no point to be with someone who requires me to remind him of how stupid he is – this is completely retarded),
optimal & manageable level of ego,
confidence (or overconfidence in this case – still comparable to me),
the list can go on and on
At this point, I’ve already received several requests to CLONE Mr R
Sorry ladies, another generation~


In NO Particular Order of Priority…

10 Reasons to Marry Mr R

Telepathic Waves


You can’t create chemistry
Either you have it or you don’t
& When telepathy is being translated into tangible formats like this…
the joy is beyond words


We also eat danish cookies in exactly the SAME order of preference

Super Driven in Work


Nothing’s sexier than a man knowing exactly what he wants
Those whatever-life crisis is over
No excuses and he just goes for it!
Career is the biggest aspect in everyone’s life and I’m so glad to never have to worry over this for him~





Random humour at its best
Effortlessly sparks off my craziest laughter (that haunts you)
Mr R really thinks he can dance
Someone please tell him to just do what he’s good at and it’s definitely not dancing~

Best Partners-in-crime


Living with someone is really not easy
It was a breeze moving in to live with Mr R (strongly-recommended for any couple)
Our habits and lifestyle are way too identical that it’s freaky
For every task or skill that I’m not good at, he will take charge of it and vice versa
This partnership is impeccable!
Exception: nobody really wants to wash the airfryer you know….


Don’t be fooled by this
You think I’m the one?
Half the loot there belongs to Mr R ok!!!!

Part of the Entourage


“If you can’t beat them, join them!”

Mr R joins me and my friends most of the times
No issues with settling in at all
He usually ends up getting chummier with ma friends!


Mr R is generous is every single aspect
In forgiving, in loving, in compromising, in leading, in literally everything
& he extends this generosity to people around me too~


So generous that you shouldn’t let him order food!

Exploding Ovaries


I’m sure you know how this feels after watching DOTS
I met a man who makes me wanna have babies
(not at first sight of course)
but through gradual knowledge on how dependable Mr R is, my ovaries exploded



New nickname for Mr R
Private joke for me, Herine & Vivienne
You get the drift~

Mr R just wants to spend time with me as much as he can
He displays enthusiasm in having me within sight
He puts me above all priorities (other than work-associated ones)
I have nothing else to ask for~

Makes Me a Better Person


It’s not an easy task coz I’m already AWESOME to begin with
Well, let’s just say that Mr R has his ways of managing me!
I’m enroute to be a nicer bitch


Being Family!


Whoever said that in-laws were hard to deal with?
I’m super blessed to have Mr R’s lovely parents who are both really funny and easy-going
They raised Mr R into a Man that people want to CLONE!… HAHAHA
They also have the same trait of ordering/buying-too-much-food
I’m pretty sure I will have problems fitting into my wedding gowns now!


& Yes, That’s YOU!


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