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10 Pedicure Colours That Signifies Your Mood


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10 Pedicure Colours that Reflect your Mood

This article was sparked from last Saturday when I had so much trouble trying to select a nail colour for my pedicure
Changing colours every week has been my standard procedure
While not many ladies have the luxury of having to go through a selection of more than a thousand nail colours like I do
I believe it has always been a tough choice when it comes to decision making whenever you’re at the salon
Looking straight into a handful of painted palettes
We often experience a blank mind
Especially when I have tried ALL possible colours you can think of….

Out of the thousands of shades, here’s 10 standard colours that will not go wrong
& they actually do reflect a certain mood you’re experiencing

1. RED


The Classic RED
Comes in several variations
Wine red, Chilli red, Orange-y red, Deep red, Pinkish red, Glittery red, Frosty red and the list goes on
Leads people to double check with you if this is a standard requirement by Singapore Airlines
Then again, if you do not happen to be a cabin crew
You’re probably just addicted to seeing red toes
There’s no particular thoughts but you’d settle for the classic red as you might not be adventurous enough to try out other shades
The Class RED never goes wrong
It looks good on almost ALL skin colours



There was a short period of time 4 years back when BLACK on nails was the IN thing
Every girl every age sported Black on their manicures and pedicures
You would have guessed
You’re feeling Gothic and on the other hand, there’s also an innate desire to be outstanding
Black is one of the best canvas
Everything goes and drawing is made easier



Pretty rare that white is a choice for your toes
Perhaps when your mind is in a blank, white comes as the next best choice
It’s the same how ladies generally will not choose NUDE shades to be a pedicure color
Nude and white shades just doesn’t seem right
Personally, I never had white on my toes as a solid color
But as with Black, White is a good background for nail art

4.  BLUE


One of the MOST COMMON shades for pedicure
We’d tend to swerve to having blue toes when looking for a darker shade
I’m definitely not feeling blue when I have blue toes
Depending on the different tone of blues, it signifies a different feeling
Midnight Blue – Cool
Smurf Blue – Cute
Glttery Blue – Outstanding
Navy Blue – Nonchalant



Modernly regarded as Tiffany Blue
The All Time Best Selling shade belongs to China Glaze For Audrey
A sweet approach to a green shade where most ladies are afraid of it being too loud
This shade captures your heart and has a long withstanding power to remain captivating
You can have this pedicure all month long and still love it!
You’re likely to be in love~



Whereas Pink is the GO-To shade for a manicure, it is not a must-have for your toes
Other than Hot Pink, the rest of the pinkish tones are generally not too well received
Hot pink is only suited for the fair skinned
Medium to dark skin tone will seem like they have extremely dirty toes
The fair skinned ladies are lucky and they would love this shade if they are feeling hyper, perked up or a more severe version of ‘bubbly’



A yellow shade exactly like the one above makes me feel like going to the beach everyday
Looking at my toes reminds me of the sun, sand and sea
While a softer, sweeter yellow makes me feel all ‘marshmallow-like’
filled with sweetness and candies all day round
A sweet yellow is good enough to eat!
If you love to have yellow for your pedicure, you’re likely a very optimistic lady who maintains a positive outlook in life



Orange is not an easy shade to deal with
Most skin tones will be difficult to match
Similar to Hot Pinks, fair skinned people carry this off perfectly
I’ve met ladies who are in love with Orange and they exhibit pleasant characteristics, though they are also indecisive
With Orange, you are definitely in a cheery and calm mood
I would love to see more Orange on my pedicure, but my skin tone just doesn’t allow it



In Singapore, there are no seasons
Neons tells people globally that SUMMER is here
Time to don some Neon shades on to get out in the sun!
When the sun is high and mighty all year round, it doesn’t really matter when we like to wear neon shades
Generally towards the end of the calendar year, we tend to forget the Neons
I love neons as they make me really happy
Keeping me on high notes even if I have a down time

10. GREY


This is the current color on my toes
In tune with the Fall season and also spells out how ‘grey’ I’m feeling
Naturally my hands reached out to this Morgan Taylor bottle
A beautiful deep grey for the week
If you’re feeling down, you would tend to pick out dull colors
You can either decide to go with the flow or select the complete opposite to drive negativity away!


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