Thugs: Your Key to knowing the Good


I would love to think that it’s a blessing that a lady hasn’t met any thugs in life and found her childhood sweetheart and then live happily ever after – The fairy tale that makes every girl a princess of their own

What happens when most girls just ain’t “qualified” to be a princess?
No, I do not own a tiara nor do I sleep on a bed of roses
but I’m actually glad to have met enough Thugs to know how to eliminate men

“Thugs” are not bad or evil men, they’re just Men with WEAK Points

It’s alright to not know what you want, but it’s important to know what you never ever want to see in your partner~
It’s perfectly fine to date some wrong ones and you will know it when the right one comes along~

Different kinds of Thugs

1) Egomaniac
These men think they own you, they own the house, they own your thoughts, they can rule and command you
All you have to do is to be a robot and follow instructions
For a bonus, speak in a way that strokes their ego even further
Take the blame for everything that went wrong
He will love you completely.

2) Inferiority Complexity
So confusing that they can’t even understand themselves eventually
He needs you to convince him that he’s actually in a relationship with you
He requires you to hold his hand all the time to consistently remind him that you’re together for a reason
On better days, he feels lucky to have you
On normal days, he feels it’s too good to be true
On worse days, he feels you’re too good for him
On terrible days, he thinks you’re his fantasy and it’s not reality

3) Privacy Preferred
I am also very glad to use the word: DODGY
He asks everything about you and makes the conversation seem like you’re the center of attraction
At the end of it, you feel happy having such an awesome conversation that you actually know NOTHING about him
He drops a bomb on you later that he’s actually married when you ask for a second date…

4) Green Monster
His eyes rage with jealousy when the Whatsapp notification shows a MAN/BOY texting you
He feels that competition is stiff and he doesn’t bother checking the market conditions to acknowledge whether it’s true or was it his personal index providing a wrong indication
You’re not allowed to speak to and go out with anyone of a different gender with you
Partying and Socializing is a No-go because he convinces you that you’re so attractive that all men have evil intentions over you.

5) Double Standard Loser
He whines about you spending too much time with your friends and he wants you to spend time with His friends instead
You allocate time to spend with him alone romantically, he tells you he needs to watch football with his guy friends
He prefers to be home spending time with his family and expects you to be present as well
When you spend time with your family, he refuses to do the same
‘Nuff said

6) The Flower Vase Owner
He likes it that you had the hot bod and that beautiful face
He also loves it if you’re dumb
He places you at home for his own admiration only
Intruders are shot

7) MicroManager
Get your daily, weekly and monthly schedule drawn up for him
Down to details such as the time you get up, visit the toilet, eat breakfast, shower, dressing up, getting to work, spoke to your boss, lunch time with ABC, tea break with XYZ, emailed your clients…. ok you get the drill
You feel like you have drafted more than just reports to your boss, but also to this man who wants to be so dearly participative in your life that ISN’T IT SWEET?

These are the most common thugs you can find around you, identify them and pray hard that they are married so you will never have an opportunity to deal with them

I’ll leave you with this meaningful strip~


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