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Review: Hands + Feet Studio Deluxe Pedicure with Foot Reflex



Hands + Feet Studio


44 Siglap Drive

Surrounded by private houses in the Siglap community
You’ll find serenity in this neighbourhood by entering Hands + Feet Studio


There’s a bakery beside it as well.
When I first made a trip down, I tried to grab a bus from Kembangan MRT station, however the waiting time for Bus 42 was just undeserving
Talking a slow walk from the station right down to Frankel Place and into Siglap Drive was a wiser choice
Cooling December weather made the walk very pleasant in the quiet neighbourhood
Making it possible to empty your thoughts and look forward to a 100 minute relaxation process



Down the narrow hallway upon entering the studio, you’ll pass by the comfortable armchairs
meant for clients who opt for a foot reflex session


There’s ample space in the studio and the owner, Caryn chose not to cramp it up
Spacial ambience is especially hard to come by these days…



Right down to the back – is the Nail studio where nail works go on


Articles displayed mentions of Hands + Feet Studio
were splashed over the wall as collages



Brought out my new Furla Candy bag for a walk =p


Each Manicure station has its own feet wash basin for each sofa


You’re then served with fragrant hot green tea
Sipping away before my treatment starts


Apart from the usual brands like OPI and Harmony Gelish
Hands + Feet Studio also carries brands like Essie, Butter London and Ginger Lily
Uncommon for most manicure places and clients get more variety to select from



There is also a Pop-Up corner for

All the designs that can be seen from The Fashion Vein’s online store are placed here
You can also do some peaceful shopping without the crowds in normal malls.
The best thing out of this popup store: You will very likely not have someone be in the same dress as you… ever
Unique designs and quality materials at friendly prices!


Embarking on my treatment now!


Soaking my feet in the pre-set warm water to soften calluses and cuticles
They would have to remove my chipped Morgan Taylor Nail polish in “Smurf-color” first


Trimming the cuticles and shaping my nails was next


Foot Scrub!



My Sole was scrubbed with much effort
Daily wearing of heels have caused the thickening of dead skin which is unsightly!
So glad to have them scrubbed off finally~


Masking my calves and feet
with Lavender Deep Cleansing Mineral Mask


Getting them wrapped up until the whole Gel Polish application was done

The Minty and soothing lavender mask actually stays on till 5 hours later
My calves still felt cooling and all soreness removed!


With one feet stuck in the UV Lamp for curing, she continued with the other feet
I choose the base color to be Gelish 1348 Black Shadow
It’s basically just Black Gel Colour

Topped with Gold Flakes from NEW Gel Polish Brand: FRENZ NAIL (Korea)


The outcome of my pedicure will be shown at the end of this post


Right after the application of the Gel colours
Get pampered with 20 minutes worth of Hands + Feet Studio’s signature foot reflex


I’ve always been afraid of foot reflex sessions coz the masseurs always apply formidable pressures on every point
It requires me to start screaming or warning them to be gentle before I can ensure that the foot reflex session will go well


The 20 minutes was filled with very appropriate pressure and it totally relieves the tensions from my nerves



A closer look:
The irregular gold flakes are meant for the festive Christmas Holiday!

Hands + Feet Studio
Deluxe Pedicure Treatment with Foot Reflex

Decently priced at S$70
Snap up an appointment now to hide away from the City Buzz

| Facebook | Call 6448 7187 | Opens 11am to 11pm daily | Email |

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