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Outfit of the Day + NOTD 29 Mar



Started drawing my eyebrows again after 2 good years of relying on the trusty semi-permanent Eyebrow Resurrection done @ Browhaus.
My Package still has 1 more resurrection left but the master has left the company
That explains my reluctance to return & go under the blades again.
It’s tough having to hand your face over to someone unknown.

Till I manage to gather my courage, I shall use my Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Pencil for now!


Love this Sheer Top I just bought from GZ!
Best suited for the scorching weather in SG now~
Paired with leather shorts bought in Shanghai!

Yea, seems like I only shop in China which is almost very true!
Everything seems too expensive for me now locally =p

Finally had time to get my nails done~
It has been a superbly busy week filled with backlogs and packing.
In an attempt to understand why Zoya Pixie Dust collection sold like HOT CAKES,
I’ve got my nails covered with Zoya London!


No need for any Base & Top coat
Straight & Fast drying application makes it so effortlessly perfect!

Zoya London creates the look of a shimmery cemented walkway on your nails.
Quite charming in this aspect!
Reminds me of the pavement outside Amara Hotel where the roads you walk on are so shiny!

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