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NOTD & Tutorial with Frenz Nail, Gelle & Tiffany



Colours and materials needed:


The Frenz Nail Magic Glitter Overlay Gel

frenz nail magic glitter overlay

Not just your normal top gel
It give you a good shape in bubbles or squares or however you like it to be
It’s thick texture – which you will see in the video tutorials later – makes sure the gel is not runny on your nail surface
The gel also allowas you to hold on to 3D designs embellishments of all kinds, including crystals
Solid stronghold and getting them off your nails will be the problem
instead of the conventional: “HOW DO I KEEP THEM ON?”

Gives you full control over 3D Designs such as quilted designs:

You may like to fast forward during the times I’m cured in the lamp


Tip: To achieve such a rounded transparent crystal design with the frenz nails magic glitter overlay gel, you need to go through several layers of building.
you can’t just place one blob as it will not stay during the cure.
The 3D ribbon frame helps to hold it in place as well


Getting black gel painted around the sides to fill up the rest of your nail bed,
the normal gel polish brush might be too big for your control
you can choose to go for smaller brushes which can be easily purchased from Art Friend



The other tutorial involves keeping a larger piece of nail art jewellery in place
The usual way of doing this will be using nail glue
The problem with nail glue is that I tend to get them all over my fingers as well and my skin will remain dry for the next week


Not only having the gel at the bottom of the jewellery piece, I also covered the sides up
leaving no traces of edges
everything will be kept round and smooth to prevent any form of accidental slicing


There you have it~
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