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Hair Colouring with Headlines HairDressing


The last time when my hair was uncoloured was probably 2 decades ago
The truth remains that I have more than 60% grey hair
largely stemming from hereditary reasons

Since I’m gonna go through the motion of dyeing I might as well be adventurous each time to try out a different shade!
Sometimes, professionalism forbids the crazy loud colours
which is definitely a shame coz Gary from Headlines Hairdressing does a great job with that

Just couple of months back, Gary tamed my tresses with Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Straightening Hair Treatment at Headlines HairDressing
you can read all about it there
Despite abusing my hair with bleach and colours, Gary allowed my tresses to still look like this:


There was utmost assurance whenever I need a new coat of color
Headlines just manage to give me something that suits not only my face shape, but also my complexion

I totally know how it feels like when you want something to be done
you have an ideal look in your mind
and at the end of a session in the hair salon, you typically don’t get what you want
and then the disappointment sets in
you try to tell yourself to live with it
but honestly, why should you?!

If there’s a solution somewhere out there that can provide you with what fits you and not what the hair stylist thinks is good for you
You should always explore and not settle for less


I’m happy that Headlines has my back
and plenty of my friends would like to know who maintains my tresses
So here you go!
Join me in perfection and you even get a discount when you quote my name~

 Get your Tresses Coloured with Headlines HairDressing
Quote MELVA for a 10% discount!


 10 Anson Road International Plaza #03-32 Singapore 079903
18 Cross Street #01-15 China Square Central Singapore 048423


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